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Industries served include:

  • Banking & Insurance
  • Biotechnology & I.T.
  • Construction Trades
  • Manufacturing
  • Municipalities & Schools
  • Non-profits
  • Veterinary & Health


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 Testamonial:  Georgian's workshop, "Advice to Your Younger Self:  Celebrate Your Story" at the 2015 Connecticut Women's Conference was very well received.  Each attendee came away with newly discovered energy and courage to take on life's transitions.  Her workshop was the perfect follow-up to our morning program, "Unleash Your Inner Hero!" 

Joanne Gustafson, President, Connecticut Women's Alliance.


Workshop Offerings Include: 

Your Next 20 Years - A Workshop for Midlife Career Women

Develop realistic hope for earning as we age; address 'what if' scenarios; catalog transferable skills and talents; explore opportunities to do what you always wanted!





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Mister Ed, Lucy, Mom & Me is a booklet that shares how watching '60s sitcoms with my Mom helped lighten the caregiving experience.  Available on Amazon. 

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Insights & Observations

 Welcome! Note the tabs on top -- Trades Success showcases Handbooks I co-authored that celebrates careers in the trades. The "Working Women" section offers services and ideas to help summon our creativity in every phase of our careers.  In the "Ponder That" section I comment on current news items and emerging trends.  In the "Tips" section I offer workplace advice and reminders. "About Me" is just that. "Mid LIFE Matters" has segments from my public tv show.   "The Ryan Group" tab offers access to an astounding set of organizational improvement services.

2019 career advice for success in the trades:


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Below are two managment e-books I authored for retaining talent:


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Below are shots of inspiration for experienced working women: 


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 "Mid LIFE Matters" - Wallingford Public TV

 I host a half-hour show on WPAA-TV celebrating women's wisdom and wit.  Fascinating women share their stories and growth mindsets:  Segments are under the MidLIFE Matters tab on this site and on You Tube, under my name.

I am honored to win the 2016 Community Media Rika Welch leadership award for community impact; a testimony to the Guests who shared their stories on MidLIFE Matters



Management Training:

E-Book Webinars & Workshops

Thank you to Joan Lahti, Ph.D., of Get To The Point Books for sponsoring a 45-minute webinar on my e-book, Are Your Star Performers Packing Their Bags?  How to Persuade Them to Stay.  Participants from across the country (and globe) reflected on their own retention tactics, and saw how to navigate this user-friendly workbook approach.   I offer similar sessions -- in person, online, or using blended technology, for any size group.  Contact Joan for a reference:







Flexible Workplaces?



The GOOD NEWS is that employers know the value of touting flexible work schedules.  The BAD NEWS is that flexibility is often wishful thinking.  In a NYT article by Tara Siegel Bernard (5/20/14), research indicates workloads are often non-negotiable.  We all know harried caregivers who skimp on sleep and other necessities, in an effort to stay in the game. 

One company that views flexibility as more than an accomodation is Ernst & Young, who has long appreciated the good business sense of keeping talented workers with outside lives.

Workers, especially women: Do your homework -- don't be seduced by corporate rhetoric.


Ransomware, Beware!

Hackers are holding computers hostage!  USA TODAY headlined the story of computers being frozen with a short period of time in which to pay the ransom.  ( by Donna Leinwand Leger, 5/15/14)  Victims have included a Chamber of Commerce, police department, trial attorney, and folks like you and me.    

So far, no remedy.  But an FBI  Agent  suggested reporting any malware attacks to the federal governments's Internet Crime Complaint Center, saying sometimes puzzles are solved with one piece of information that pulls things together.

In the meantime, keep extra copies and backup.  This may bring back filing cabinets!




Accountant II Job Opening


West Springfield, MA

Requirements:  Minimum of 3-5 years experience in performing standard accounting procedures, transactions and entries, including G/L, A/P, A/R and Payroll.  Solid reporting, analytical and reconciliation skills, using multiple software packages and emerging technologies, within an integrated platform. 

B.S. with a concentration in Accounting and Finance.  Audit and payroll experience preferred.

Ability to work across multiple business lines with shifting priorities, in a lean, diverse business enterprise.  Convey financial information in user-friendly terms and problem-solve with line management on annual budgets, as well as new product opportunities. Conduct presentations with small groups and engage others in identifying ways to improve work processes.

Contribute to a high-performance work team through cross-training, serving as a back-up, and rotational assignments.  Exercise initiative, discretion and mature work judgment in performing duties and establishing priorities. 

AAA Pioneer Valley offers a stable, yet dynamic work environment, with excellent benefits, minimal travel and comfortable office conditions.  This job offers a unique opportunity to add value and impact a thriving business.

Salary:  $51 - 53,000

Contact:  Georgian Lussier, HRConsulting.  gflussier@snet.net.  18 Overlook Drive, Wallingford, CT  06492. No direct employer applications.

AAA Pioneer Valley is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer.

Minority/Female/Disability/Veterans.  Drug Free Workplace.



Skills Gap - Solved!

Survey says -- about half of employers plan to train & hire people without specific experience in 2014 -- but only a third cross-train their current employees.  Cross-training, whether as individuals or in a group rotational program, can increase retention and safeguard against unplanned vacancies.  I invite you to check out my book at http://gettothepointbooks.com.  Easy E-book, printable, engaging case studies & examples.  Get ahead of the curve!


TV Wants Alpha Boomers

  Prime marketing targets used to end at age 54, but TV is now focusing on "Alpha Boomers."  Age 54-65, they are profiled as active, healthy, and likely to still be working -- and spending!  The Hartford Courant shared a Tibune Newspaper article by Merideth Blake that illuminates how TV cable and networks are featuring older stars and multi-generational families.  The goal: Attract this segment that is projected to control 70% of disposable income by 2017.  Funny thing, they are more likely to watch TV then younger adults.

I remarked about the spending power of older women in my book, "55+ Unite! Welcome All Wise Working Women" -- but one of my favorite actresses, Kathy Bates, said it best.  When her "Harry's Law" TV show was cancelled because it's 'audience was very old, and it is hard to moneterize that' --65 yr old Kathy is quoted as saying "Geez Louise, who do you think watches TV out there, bud?  The advertisers have got to wake up to this.  Who do you think's got the money out there?"

Source:  "TV'S Golden Viewers"; The Hartford Courant, 'Curtain' - Pg. G3 - 3/9/14